Quick guide: Reinforcing attendance expectations

One way to move your business away from a culture where taking a sickie is acceptable, is to reinforce attendance expectations.

It’s not good enough to trust your employees to do the right thing.

You need to make it known to employees that it is unacceptable to take a sickie.

The best way to do this is to have a leave policy that requires workers to phone their manager within a certain timeframe to advise two things.

First, why they are unable to make it to work on time.

And second, when they expect to be able to return to work.

The policy should also require the worker to provide evidence (e.g. a medical certificate or statutory declaration) that they are unfit for work when it is reasonably requested they do so.

Remember; your expectations must be reasonable.

For instance if an employee is unable to notify a manager of their absence because they are in a road accident it would not be reasonable to hold them to your notice requirement.

It may also be unreasonable to require employees to provide medical certificates or statutory declarations due to single-day absences that are not before or after a weekend or public holiday.

The lesson is to be careful not to over-reach.

If a worker is sacked for failing to produce evidence, and you have unreasonably required that evidence, you could face an unfair dismissal claim.

Contact me today to discuss legal strategies to help you employ with confidence in your business.

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