7 creative ways to reduce absenteeism in your business

The bad old days of the great Aussie sickie should by now be long gone.

In a globalised, competitive marketplace, businesses can ill afford the heavy costs of workers abusing their sick leave entitlements.

What can be done?

Surveilling and catching out the cheats may not solve the problem. Those not caught might just be more careful about covering their tracks.

What must change is employees’ attitudes. Workers must feel engaged at work, so they feel guilty about cheating.

Here are 7 actions that might contribute to a change of attitude:

  1. Promote a positive workplace culture.
  2. Reinforce attendance expectations.
  3. Monitor the reasons workers are frequently absent from work.
  4. Implement a plan to deal with absenteeism.
  5. Introduce flexible work practices.
  6. Provide incentives for reduced absenteeism.
  7. Follow up with employees who return from extended sick leave.

Contact me today to discuss legal strategies to help you employ with confidence in your business.

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